Guides Jobs for Sustainable Tourism

GJSTUnder the accompanying project of the professionals of Moroccan tourism, best practices were identified regarding sustainability. These are illustrated by thematic checklists allowing professionals to position themselves for sustainable development (SD) and to plan actions according to their needs and perspectives. All these practices are consolidated in Guides Jobs for Sustainable Tourism developed for the following areas:

  • Distribution. FR
  • Tourist Transport. FR
  • Accommodation and social responsibility component.
  • Tourist guide. FR

Best Environmental Practices in the Healthcare Sector Guide

BEPHSGBest Environmental Practices in the Healthcare Sector Guide is designed to facilitate the implementation of environmental management practices in healthcare facilities. It is a first step tool to implement Cleaner Production in the healthcare sector. It provides the means to identify, in the different hospital departments, opportunities for optimizing hospital activities while reducing operating costs and environmental impacts. EN


PrimerThis primer developed by sba during 2009 was published by UNIDO & UNEP under their joint Programme on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP). It provides a framework of good practices that organisations can consider for reviewing and where possible improving their organisation, management and governance, and thereby contribute to their independence and sustainability. To download the primer on UNIDO web site, click here EN

Best Environmental Practices for the Hotel Industry

BEPHIThe Best Environmental Practices (BEP) Guide for hotels is intended for hotels of all types that wish to better manage their impact on the environment and that have the longer term ambition to implement more systematized environment management tools. The BEP methodology is based on four tools: checklists, environmental assessment, economic calculations and an action plan. FR

Cleaner Production Excellence Model

CPEMThe Cleaner Production Excellence Model has been designed for its use as a tool for implementing or improving a Cleaner Production (CP) system and for the assessment of organisations applying to the CP Excellence Award. It is applicable to all manufacturing companies regardless of industrial sector (food, beverage, chemical, textile, metal, etc.) or size (large, medium, small). The CP Excellence Model is a framework based the worldwide spread EFQM Model. It is a stepping stone for companies’ contribution to a better world. EN

Good Housekeeping

GHThe Good Housekeeping Guide is primarily intended for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME). It is a practical tool that helps companies identify simple environmental measures, reduce costs, improve productivity and minimise their environmental impact. The straightforwardness of the methodology enables SME managers and technicians to quickly implement eco-efficient measures in their daily environmental management. ArabicENFRSpanishTurkish

Environmental Performance Indicators

EPIThe Environmental Performance Indicator provides decision-makers with an outline of the performance of their company on the basis of selected indicators and analysed according to their relevance. The tool provides simple instructions to select the most pertinent data, to build performance indicators specific to a company, and to consolidate these strategic data in a synthetic information board. The tool enables enterprises to organise the collection and follow-up of data periodically, to measure gaps with regard to pre-defined objectives and to initiate corrective actions accordingly. Arabic, EN, FR


DELTA Environmental Binder

DEBThe DELTA Binder provides companies with a tool enabling them to set up an Environmental Management System. It allows companies to document in a systematic manner their activities in relation to their environmental management, to measure the evaluation of their environmental management and progression towards international standards such as ISO 14001 or EMA and to compare their company against another active in the same area (benchmarking). EN, FR


EcomappingEcomapping is a visual, simple and practical tool to analyse and manage the environmental performance of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and micro-enterprises. It is dynamic inventory of the changes in the environmental behaviour of a company as well as being a practical communication tool, accessible to all employees. ArabicEnFRTurkish

Environmental Self-Diagnosis

ESDThe Environmental Self-Diagnosis Guide was developed to 1) raise awareness in enterprises of potential risks associated with poor environmental performance; 2) demonstrate that integrating environmental considerations in decision-making yields new opportunities for development, or at least maintains their competitiveness; and 3) encourage a responsible attitude among economic actors to promote sustainable development.

Hazardous Waste Management

HWMLe The Hazardous Waste Management Guide is a tool for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to identify, quantify and manage hazardous materials and waste in an environmentally sound manner. The Guide aids SMEs through sequential, systematic steps to adequately manage hazardous substances and waste in their facilities by utilizing internal human resources and/or with external assistance from a technical organisation. Arabic, EN, FR

Minimisation Opportunities Environmental Diagnosis

MOEDThe Minimisation Opportunities Environmental Diagnosis enables an assessment to be made of a company’s business activities so that it can establish the potential opportunities available for preventing pollution in the premises under diagnosis, which in turn will lead to improvements in business competitiveness and the environmental relationship that the business activity has with its surroundings. ArabicENFRSpanish